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Introducing Beauty Fest USA

Beauty Fest is a celebration of unparalleled beauty, innovation, and artistry, taking place from October 25th to November 2nd in the scenic city of Glendale. This fest is not just another beauty event; it's a movement. At its core, Beauty Fest USA aims to highlight and elevate Armenian designers and brands to a global audience, acting as a catalyst for innovation in the beauty realm. We're uniting the forces of beauty professionals, visionary designers, dynamic models, and forward-thinking beauty investors. Whether you're a stalwart in the beauty industry, an emerging talent, or someone who simply revels in the world of beauty, Beauty Fest USA promises an experience that's nothing short of spectacular.

Event Speakers

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In addition to the following, anticipate a myriad of surprises, from unveiling of new dress models to exclusive launches.

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Join us from October 25th to November 2nd.

While we're in the process of curating a detailed schedule packed with exclusive events and interactive sessions, here's what you need to know: Ticket prices vary based on the nature of the event, ranging from an accessible $50 to a premium $300 experience. And because beauty is better shared, we're offering special discounts for groups. Make sure to grab your tickets soon, and be a part of an event that celebrates Armenian beauty in all its facets!


Meet our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind our mission. Our diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to deliver top-notch solutions. We're passionate about what we do, and we're here to make a difference.

Susanna Gevorgyan

Journalist, TV Presenter

Anush Zograbyan

Chief Editor, Yelaket

Liana Aloyan

Journalist, Columnist

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Our heart lies in Glendale, a city synonymous with culture and vibrancy


For direct communication, give us a call at 424-475-0808


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